Annual General Meetings

Every year, Rowing SA hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in accordance to the constitutional definition:

  1. An Annual General Meeting of the Association must be held in accordance with the Act and this Constitution and will be in the last eight (8) days of August in each year to receive the report of the Board on the past season, an evaluation of Board performance and the accounts for the year to the 30th day of June duly audited, for approval of the same; and for the election of officers and an auditor for the following year.  No other business will be transacted at such meeting, unless notice in writing of such business will have been given to the Secretary of the Association by July 15th in that year.
  2. The Association year will begin on the 1st July each year
  3. The Annual General Meeting will be convened by notice in writing to all Members entitled to attend and vote at the meeting, at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date fixed for such Annual General Meeting, stating briefly the business to be transacted thereat.
  4. All General Meetings other than the Annual General Meeting will be Special General Meetings


Minutes from previous AGMs can be viewed here: