Governance & Structure



Rowing SA follow the governance development project platform provided by Rowing Australia. As a Member Association, it is our responsibility to be compliant with the Mandatory Governance Principles and continue to provide the underpinning framework from which Australian rowing can grow and achieve sustainable success. Rowing SA has adopted the relevant required governance changes to comply with both the Australian Sports Commission’s requirements and good governance principles.

The successful implementation of the governance development project has ensured that rowing’s governance, at all levels, is aligned to best practice principles and will provide the platform for the continued growth and success of Australian rowing.

A copy of the current Rowing SA Constitution is available here, with the Rowing Australia Constitution available here.


The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Rowing SA and has oversight of its activities. The board has a responsibility to meet monthly. All members of the Board are elected to serve 2-year terms. 3 Elected Members are subject to re-election annually with the Chairman and Secretary subject to re-election on alternating years. Once nominations are complete, board members are directly elected by the member clubs & schools by way of secret ballot concluding at the AGM each year.

The Staff of Rowing SA, led by the CEO, are responsible for the day to day management and operation of Rowing SA in achieving the strategic direction set by the Board.

Rowing Australia (RA) is governed by a Board, which is elected by the 7 State Associations that make up the Australian rowing community. The RA Board answers to the RA Council, a body comprising of Councillors from each State/Territory association. Rowing SA, together with Rowing WA, Rowing Queensland, Rowing Tasmania and Rowing ACT each have one delegate, whilst Rowing Victoria and NSW Rowing Association are both allocated 2 delegates due to their larger number of active participants.

Greg Melbourne is SA’s current RA Councillor.

Other Roles

Members make up the lifeblood of the community, and Rowing SA recognise Honorary and Financial Life members and Foundation Life Members.

Other official positions held include Rowing SA Patrons and Presidential Positions.