Coach Accreditation

Becoming an accredited Rowing Australia coach is a necessary pathway for any coach within South Australia and ensures that all coaches are providing a quality service to its rowing participants.

The Level 1 Online Coaching Accreditation Course is provided by Rowing Australia under the National Rowing Coaching Accreditation Scheme at a cost of $180 incl. GST.

National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)
Rowing Australia has recently completed a review of the structure, content and delivery of its coach education program with the ultimate aim of improving the National Coach Accreditation Scheme. There are 4 levels of coaching accreditation which each have prerequisites.

The information below provides an overview of the coaching levels under the NCAS program.

Level 1:

The Level 1 Coach course is aimed at the novice coach. It is anticipated the Learn to Row coach will have minimal background in rowing and will coach predominantly up to junior high school level or those in their first season of rowing. Examples of this type of coach are teachers and parents with non-rowing backgrounds and current rowing club members helping at the grassroots level. This program trains coaches who will coach beginners of all ages, teaching fundamentals and introducing non-rowers to the sport. These coaches will be provided with the compliance training, interpersonal skills and low-level technical development skills to deal with the groups they train. The Level 1 course is delivered online and the cost is $180.
Prerequisites: At least 16 years of age, Completed the Community Coaching General Principles course:

Level 2:

The Level 2 Coach course is aimed at senior school and club coaches. This program trains coaches who already have some experience in the sport and aims to provide the coach with the knowledge and skills to develop athletes to their potential. They will have enough knowledge to develop an annual program, rig boats appropriately and develop younger athletes. Club/School coaches will provide coaching to the majority of athletes and will be required to tutor rowers of all ages and physical capacities. These coaches will have a basic sports science knowledge. The course has two components, including an online course and a one-day workshop run by your state rowing association.

: Level 1 completed, 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 1 coach

RA now offers a Level 2 National Rowing Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NRCAS) online course. To register for the online Level 2 please click here.

Upon completion of the online course you will receive a certificate. You will need to send this to your State Rowing Association to reserve a place in their next available one-day workshop. The workshop will cover Rigging and Rowing Technique and includes assessment. The total cost of the course is $350.

Level 3:

The Level 3 Coach is aimed at coaches intending to work with State level teams, junior National teams and School head coaches. To become a Level 3 coach, you must have completed the Level 2 course and have 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 2 coach.

Level 4:

The Level 4 Coach is an advanced accreditation level. It is aimed at ‘professional’ head coaches working within high performance clubs and National Training Center networks who are dealing with elite athletes. To become a Level 4 Coach you must have completed 1 year of coaching experience as a Level 3 Coach.


Rowing Australia also offers an online Riggers coaching accreditation course. This is an introduction to coaching indoor rowing using rowing ergometers. It is for anyone who wishes to deliver Rowing Australia’s Sporting Schools program called Riggers, including coaches, teachers and students over the age of 16 years. The cost of the Riggers course is $100. You can register for Riggers Course here.


Coaching accreditation lasts for four years, after which coaches need to reaccredit. You will need to list how you have earned the required number of points in both Practical Coaching and Personal Development over the last four years. For example: Coached MU19 4x at Nationals, Lake Barrington 2021 for Queens RC = 10 points, Gained Red Cross Senior First Aid, Melbourne, January 2022 = 10 points. Both of the below forms need to be completed and returned to Ron Batt:

RA Coach Re-accreditation Form
Form 13. Coach’s Code of Ethics

Accredited coaches can update their contact details by emailing