Rowing SA Membership


When we row, we train to race and race to win! Rowing SA along with Rowing Australia aim to create a functional, safe environment to race, and have developed Membership to provide protection to all involved.

Membership Categories and Costs for the 2022-23 season can be viewed here 2022.23 Fees_ROWING SA MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND FEES and CHARGES

Clubs are responsible for registering and invoicing their athletes according to the appropriate racing guidelines to allow athletes to compete in events.

All athletes and coaches will need to have a Rowing SA Membership applied to their profile in Rowing Manager to be eligible for entry. All Members belonging to a non-school club will also be required to complete the Rowing Australia waiver before they are eligible to be entered.

The waiver is automatically generated to the email address associated with that athlete on Rowing Manager when a membership is applied to their profile. Therefore, it is imperative that clubs ensure a valid and correct email address is associated with that member.

Happy rowing – let’s get excited for the racing season!