Get Involved


Rowing is a great community sport, driven by committed club administrators and coaches and providing safe, fun and rewarding experiences for all of its participants. Getting started in rowing is easy. It is a sport for all age groups, skill and fitness levels, and provides many opportunities for those who are in the sport for fun, fitness, recreation and for those who are serious about becoming the best they can be through competition and well-structured development pathways.

Rowing is an excellent way to keep children of all ages active. Physical activity provides your child with many lasting health benefits, including:

  • strong bones and muscles
  • healthy heart, lungs and arteries
  • improved coordination, balance, posture and flexibility
  • a reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese
  • a reduced risk of later developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes (type 2 diabetes is increasingly being found in adolescents) source.

The sport of rowing also provides participants with valuable life skills such as goal setting, discipline, friendship and teamwork.

​Anyone can join a rowing club, no matter what fitness or ability level they are currently at. Rowing clubs provide the opportunity for individuals to learn to row from scratch, row recreationally (for fun and fitness), and/or for those who want to row competitively to achieve their personal best. Participating school rowing programs are also available.

If rowing itself is not your thing, we are always looking for Volunteers and Officials to help run the regattas and events! This is a great way to get involved and be a part of the community.