Rowing SA’s Purpose



To support and grow an inclusive and thriving rowing community.

At Rowing SA, we have a clear drive for growth and inclusion. This supports our elite programs, but overall we want to make this great sport as widespread and accessible as possible.


To promote, provide and administer rowing to create opportunity for all to enjoy the sport.

Our mission supports our vision, with a direct approach to create opportunities for those who either simply want to learn a new skill, keep a level of fitness, enjoy a social and supportive community, or take their rowing to a further competitive level. To do this, our objectives below address 6 key areas of development which have in-depth action points in our strategic plan.


Rowing SA Objectives

Continually improve/upgrade West Lakes facility, progressing work from 2017 Facilities Review.

Preserve & develop the River Torrens precinct.

Investigate satellite facility/facilities.

Marketing and Communication

Enhance the profile of the sport.

Improve the communication between RSA & stakeholders.

Educate the key influencers about the positives of rowing.

Design Marketing Plan to attract & maintain sponsorship.


Inform, educate and support Rowing Clubs (& stakeholders).

Grow participation (rowers/volunteers).

Develop retention strategies (senior rowers), refining Pathway & State Team programs.


Improve spectator experience.

Enhance quality & variety of regattas.

Increase regatta participation.

Financial Sustainability

Develop alternative income streams.

Capitalise on the ownership of West Lakes.

Conduct profitable Café/Function business.

Review existing fees & charges.

Build mutual relationships & understanding with Member Clubs.


Build upon positive relationship with Office for Rec & Sport.

Demonstrate accountability to stakeholders.

Align with Sporting Organisation “best practice”.