Rowing SA Board


The Board of Rowing South Australia is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the organisation and overseeing its activities. The current position holders are:


– Seat vacant – duties currently being undertaken by the Chair

Chair (Appointed Director)

Philip Paterson

Philip was appointed to the Board in June 2015 to be the first “Appointed” Director under the new Constitution. The Board elected Philip as Chair in August 2015. A Chartered Accountant and partner with Grant Thornton for 30 years, Philip left the firm in 2012 to achieve a change of pace and to establish his own consultancy specializing in planning, problem solving and governance. Philip’s broad financial and commercial experience is valuable to the Rowing SA Board.

Philip has not rowed competitively but has connections to rowing that attracted him to Rowing SA, including many hours rowing dinghies around Goolwa and the Coorong as a child. Both Philip’s children rowed with Scotch College and Philip continues to be a supporter of the Scotch rowing program. In 2010 Philip was lucky enough to purchase an 18 foot Ken Basset “Liz” timber, sliding seat scull from its builder living on Scotland Island on the Hawkesbury River. Philip’s wife Sandra has recently taken to rowing. In support of that Philip purchased a Race 1 Wave-cutter single scull in 2015.

Three of the four family members are involved in recreational rowing. Philip looks forward to building the strength of Rowing SA in order to support everyone participating in rowing in South Australia.

Board Member (Elected Secretary)

Shannen Graham

Shannen has been working in an Accounting Practice for 6 years and has been CA qualified for 3 years. She has worked her way up to Management level quite early on in her career, having learnt skills such as management of workflow, clients and team members, teamwork, communication, and the ability to manage a demanding workflow effectively. It is not just the numbers in accounting that she enjoys, Shannen’s passion lies in analysing the reports and assisting clients in understanding what this means to their business, how to budget, and most importantly how to grow their business and meet their goals.

While she has not been involved in Rowing personally, Shannen competed at a national level in equestrian (horse riding) for 10 years. This sport taught her to understand the real meaning behind discipline and allows her to appreciate the dedication and hard work involved in a high-level sport such as Rowing. Unfortunately, she retired from horse riding at the age of 16 to focus on her studies and building a career – Shannen comes from a family that owns and runs their own businesses, and this is where she got the drive to study Commerce. 

Shannen believes she can contribute not just her financial knowledge, but also the other skills she has learnt along to way to the Board of Rowing SA and looks forward to contributing positively to the growth and development of the sport with her knowledge and skills.

Board Member (Appointed Director)

Anna Crowley

  • has a background as a corporate/commercial lawyer in the UK and holds an MBA from Adelaide University
  • manages a range of family business interests, predominantly in the agricultural sector
  • rowed for her College at the University of Cambridge and re-discovered her love of rowing when her daughter started coxing at Pembroke School in 2016
  • has active connections to rowing in South Australia through:
    • participation as a masters rower, including having competed for SA in the Interstate MW8 race at AMRC 2019 in Perth
    • assistant coaching for the Pembroke School rowing programme.

Board Member (Elected Director)

Jamie Grant

Jamie has a strong interest in rowing that has grown over the last five years, with the involvement of his son and his niece. He believes that if your children are participating in a sport, then the parents should contribute as well, and in Jamie’s case, the sport of rowing has become a passion for his whole family.

Jamie and his siblings operate three family businesses and have done so for the past 30 years. Operating his own business has taught him many skills, such as: financial management, effective communication, marketing & advertising, time management, logistics, corporate due diligence and event management. It is through these skills that Jamie can make a positive and effective contribution to the South Australian Rowing Community.

Jamie has previously held the positions of Vice President and President of the Prince Alfred College Rowing Club. The time spent in these roles led to his interest and successful nomination to the Board of Rowing SA in 2015, and Jamie has enjoyed carrying out the role with due diligence, for the betterment of rowing as a whole in South Australia.

Board Member (Elected Director)

Jarrad Schar

Jarrad has been heavily involved in rowing within SA since taking up the sport in 2002. His experience as a rower, coach and administrator provides him with a holistic view of the sport and a perfect candidate for the Rowing SA Board. Jarrad has experience as both a school and club rower including attending local and national Regattas, as well as having experience in coaching and coordinating a diverse range of athletes and students. This has been attained through his experience working at Scotch College, the SA Sports Institute, Rowing SA and the Adelaide Rowing Club. He has been involved in many committees & groups including the Adelaide Rowing Club Committee, School Rowing Coordinators meetings, and the Clubs & Schools Sub-Committee, where he has been able to develop and utilise his leadership skills. Jarrad is passionate about the growth of rowing and he values the positive role the sport can play in participant’s lives. 


Board Member (Elected Director)

Greg Melbourne

Greg has been involved in rowing for over 40 years, starting as a coxswain back in 1974 and progressing to being a reserve for a SA Kings Cup Crew. Over the years, Greg has actively been involved with the Riverside Rowing Club, at times being their Association delegate, Club Captain, President and is now a Life Member.

For the past 23 years Greg has been a State umpire, including 19 years as an Australian umpire at national regattas, and a FISA umpire for over 12 years at international regattas. Greg’s dedication to the rowing community includes assisting SASI with transporting their athletes to training camps and National regattas interstate.

Outside of rowing, Greg is self-employed and has previously worked in various legal firms in Adelaide for 14 years, and in the cleaning industry for over 12 years.

Greg brings to the Board a vast knowledge of rowing, as well as an unbiased and fair approach to all athletes and all members of the rowing community. Greg is the current chair of the Umpire and Volunteer Subcommittee.

Board Member (Elected Director)

Christina Firth

Chris began her involvement in rowing at Scotch College in 1978 where she was part of the winning Head of the River crew in the inaugural year of Girl’s Events. She followed up with another win in 1979. She rediscovered the sport in 2009 when her daughter began rowing and is currently an active masters rower with Phoenix Rowing Club, having represented South Australia in the Women’s State Team in 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020.

Chris worked for Rowing SA for over 3 years from 2009 to 2012 as Regatta Operations / Finance Manager during which time she helped run the Award winning Australian Rowing Championships in 2011.

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in Office, Business & Financial Management including Bookkeeping, working in various industries.  She has experience on numerous committees past and present which include Secretary – Adelaide Hills Dressage Club, Secretary – Dressage Club of SA, Vice President – Equestrian SA Dressage Council and currently Secretary/Treasurer of Phoenix Rowing Club.

Chris’s business and committee experience has resulted in an ability to find practical solutions to complex problems and to steer a middle course between differing and competing opinions and objectives.  The key qualities she brings to the Rowing SA board include a close knowledge of the Rowing SA business as well as the relationship with Rowing Australia.

Board Member (Elected Director)

Dr Greg Keene

Personal Rowing history

  • Pulteney Grammar School oarsman 2nd 8 (won HoR) and 1st 8 two years (2nd in HoR both times)
  • Rowed St Marks College 8 three years (stroked winning 8 one of those years) Intercollege rowing.

Rowing Coaching history

  • Coached PGS junior crews three years (won HofR 2 times)
  • Coached PGS Open Light Weight 4 two years (won HofR 1 time)
  • Coached PGS 1st 8 one year (won the first HofR race at new West Lakes 1977- undefeated season)

Business history

  • Founder of Sportsmed and Sportsmed Hospital: now largest sports medicine/specialist/hospital complex in Australia. Extensive commercial experience in developing and setting up the unique and complex business systems successfully underpinning that organization and other family businesses.
  • Currently practicing as a specialist knee surgeon at sportsmed.
  • Experience with international teaching young surgeons.
  • Significant experience in commercial property development.

Board and Committee Experience

  • Previous Board member of SCIG Hospitals, Sportsmed (Dep Chair), Pulteney Grammar (prev. Chair).
  • Multiple previous Professional Organization committee positions covering Finance, Governance, Marketing, Standards and Building Development

Current Rowing Involvement

  • Chair Pulteney Boat Club Rowing Parents Committee
  • Teenage daughter Lili rowing for Pulteney
  • Wife Amanda rowing Torrens Rowing Club in Masters
  • Foundation Life Member of Rowing SA

Board Member (Elected Director)

Henrietta Shepherd

Heni (Henrietta) Shepherd has been involved in rowing for a long time, first as an international rower in  the 80’s (rowed for Hungary at multiple World Championships), then an Open and Masters competitor for Commercial Rowing Club in Brisbane, and most recently for Torrens Rowing Club (TRC).


 The timeline of Heni’s involvement in rowing starting with the latest:

  • from 1 July 2020 – Member and Masters competitor of Phoenix Rowing Club
  • 2019-2020 – TRC Committee member
  • 2004 – current – Member and Masters competitor of Torrens Rowing Club (TRC)
  • 1990-2003 – Member and Open & Masters competitor of Commercial Rowing Club in Brisbane
  • 1981 – 1987 – National team rower and representative of Hungary (Quad and Coxless Pair)


During the above times Heni has won multiple national and state championships titles in various boat categories.


Professionally, Heni is a qualified CPA (Certified Practising Accountant); her current employment is with Beach Energy Limited, an Adelaide-based listed resources company. Previously she has worked for the SA and QLD Governments and The University of Adelaide in various finance departments and roles.


Heni will contribute greatly to the success of SA Rowing and its future by offering:

  • Financial skills (budgeting, financial processes, financial statement preparation, donations, GST-related issues etc).
  • Rowing experience at all levels : International, National, State and Club
  • Rowing Committee experience
  • Extensive connections within the rowing community