Rowing SA Murray River Regattas (2022 only)

Dear clubs and schools,

As you will be aware, conditions on the Murray River have changed significantly over the past few months, particularly over recent days in relation to the quantity of water in the river system and the high flow rate. High flow is expected across the SA boarder in late November which has an impact on our two regattas scheduled on the Murray River in late 2022:

  • Murray Bridge Regatta – 5th November 2022
  • Riverland Regatta (Berri) – 10th&11th December 2022

Rowing SA has been closely reviewing the data and advice provided by the Department for Environment and Water who have recently increased their expected water flow into SA in late November to 90GL/day; as well as capturing the experiences and knowledge of the local communities. In addition, Surf Life Saving SA who provide our on-water safety have also reviewed their risk assessment following the recent updates and this now impacts their involvement.

Due to the safety concerns of the high flow rate, on-water safety issues and the potential for unexpected debris flowing through the River, the Murray Bridge Regatta and Riverland Regatta for 2022 will not take place at their current locations. We wanted to provide certainty to our community as early as possible due to the logistics, cost and accommodation requirements for those attending the regattas, but also the large amount of work required by the host clubs to deliver such events.

We are disappointed that we have had to make this decision, however the safety of our participants is our number one priority.

We have spoken with the Murray Bridge Rowing Club and Berri Rowing Club who share our disappointment but are understanding of the decision. We will work with these clubs to investigate ways the whole rowing community can support them as they will be missing out on their major fundraiser for the year, and for Berri Rowing Club for 2-years. The option for these clubs to continue to host regattas at a relocated venue and other offerings is being considered.

These Murray River regattas will be relocated and further details around the scheduling of the relocated regattas will come in due course and once finalised; however we can announce the following relocation intent (not finalised):

  • The regatta scheduled for Murray Bridge will now be held at West Lakes on either Saturday 5th November (PM) or Sunday 6th November. Murray Bridge Rowing Club will instead host the November West Lakes Regatta taking place on 19th November.
  • The regatta scheduled for the Riverland (Berri) is now planned to be held at Port Adelaide on Saturday/Sunday 10th/11th December 2022

The $25pp fee that was to be added to competitors attending the Riverland Regatta will be removed.

The 2nd Grade State Championship events normally held at the Riverland will be reviewed based on a new regatta schedule and will either:

  1. continue to be offered on 10th/11th December, or
  2. removed from this weekend and moved to the Grade and Small Boat Regatta, West Lakes 21st January, or
  3. a mix of both, again dependent on the possible regatta schedule at the new location

The State Championships seat fee of $8.50 will apply to the State Championship events.

We will provide further updates as soon as possible.

We trust that you can understand the situation and we thank you for your cooperation.