Rowing Australia – National Integrity Framework (Rowing SA adoption)

Rowing South Australia wishes to advise members of important recent changes to governance and integrity arrangements. As a member of Rowing Australia, Rowing SA is subject to the Policies of Rowing Australia, current copies of which can be viewed on the Rowing Australia policies webpage.


Rowing Australia started reviewing the Framework of policies provided by Sport Integrity Australia in May 2021 and moved to formally adopt the policies effective 30 June 2022. Rowing Australia commenced the National Integrity Framework and relevant policies, as part of its proactive approach to mitigate integrity threats and provide a safe, fair and healthy environment for participants at all levels. We encourage members to familiarise themselves with the current policies and visit the Rowing Australia sport integrity webpage and Sport Integrity Australia website for further information, including about relevant policies and complaints procedure.


Under this new framework, Sports Integrity Australia will manage the independent assessment and referral of complaints. This will reduce the burden on administrators and volunteers and provide participants with a consistent, fair, and independent dispute resolution process.


Rowing SA is required to adopt any Whole of Sport Policies set by Rowing Australia as a Member Association under the Rowing Australia and Rowing SA constitutions. The Rowing SA board have endorsed these policies. Therefore, Rowing SA and our members are now bound by the following policies:
National Integrity Framework – the umbrella policy that establishes the jurisdiction and scope of the Framework and requirements or processes that are common to all policies.
Member Protection Policy – this replaces and covers similar ground to the previous Member Protection Policy, by prohibiting abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, unlawful discrimination, victimisation, and vilification.
Child Safeguarding Policy – a standalone policy for child safeguarding (which used to be part of the earlier Member Protection Policy) which sets out the expected standards of behaviour and the behaviours that are not acceptable. There is a SA addendum to this policy that should be reviewed in addition.
Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine Policy – sitting alongside the existing anti-doping policies, this deals with medication, supplements and injections; illegal drugs; and qualifications for sport science and sport medicine personnel.
Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy – this replaces and covers similar ground to the previous anti-wagering policies.
Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy – this sets out the new independent, transparent, and fair system for managing complaints and disciplinary action arising from alleged breaches of the Framework policies – but does not apply to eligibility and selection, competition-related rules, personal grievances, code of conduct or governance matters.

These Policies and additional fact sheets can be viewed at


I would ask that Clubs distribute this update to your Committee members so they are aware of the changes.


Rowing Australia received co-funding (3 sports) from Sport Integrity Australia to employ a National Integrity Manager (Liam Bourke) who will assist roll-out these policies and educate all member in rowing, along with members from Paddle Australia and Dragon Boat Australia. Liam will be hosting an in-person session in SA on Tuesday 29 November 2022, 6pm. Further information will be communicated once confirmed.


Rowing SA will continue to update its policies in line with these changes which can be viewed here.

Please note that the policies contained in the NIF are effective 1 July 2022. Matters relating to the following policies prior to 30 June 2022 will be dealt with under previous policies through the sport itself:

Historical RA Policies
Member Protection Policy (version 8 – effective 3 May 2016 to 29 June 2020)
Member Protection Policy (version 9 – effective 30 June 2020 to 30 June 2022)
Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy (effective 23 February 2017 – 30 June 2022)
No Needles Policy (effective 23 February 2017 – 30 June 2022)
National Policy on Match-Fixing (effective 12 December 2013 – 30 June 2022)
Anti-Doping Policy (effective 10 August 2020 – 30 June 2022)


Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc