2022 Masters State Team

Masters 2022 SA State Team Announcement!
Congratulations to all of our Masters who have been selected to represent South Australia at the 2022 Australian Masters Rowing Championships.
This years competition will be held in Ballarat from the 19th-22nd of May.
Our squads have been training very hard and we wish everyone heading over to compete the best of luck!
Women’s Squad Coaches
Daren Potts (ARC/Pembroke) & Jo Francou (SPC/TRC)
Women’s 8+
Bow: Kerryn Farina (TRC)
2: Gina Bell (TRC)
3: Tory Toogood (TRC)
4: Chris Bursill (AUBC)
5: Jo Malcolm (AUBC)
6: Emily Elkhoury (TRC)
7: Susi Ross (TRC)
8: Angie Francou (TRC)
Cox: Mitch Parker (TRC/PAC)
Women’s 4x
Bow: Alison Smith (PARC)
2: Melanie Innes (RRC)
3: Kate Tebneff (GRC)
4: Tanja Klotz (ARC)
Reserve: Shannon LeBlanc (ARC)



Men’s Squad Coaches
Rob Cheesman (RRC) & John Bentley (AUBC/Pembroke)
Men’s 8+
Bow: Rob Ellis (TRC)
2: Bill Nat (AUBC)
3: Nick McDonald (PRC)
4: Kevin Tankard (TRC)
5: Greg Walters (RRC)
6: David McLeod (PARC)
7: Damien Derlique (PARC)
8: Ross Hamilton (AUBC)
Cox: Bonnie White (AUBC)
Reserve: Andrew Tidemann (ARC)