2022 Masters, 3rd Grade and Novice State Championship Regatta

DAY 1 – 23 April 2022

All information & Results: https://rowingmanager.com/regattas/5421

Mangs pre regatta write up 

Rowing SA is hosting a different kind of two day regatta starting this Saturday at West Lakes.

The vast programme is spread over two days but the second day of racing is next Saturday.

Usually a two day regatta in SA is run on a Saturday and Sunday on a single weekend.

The Masters SA State titles are on offer for all different age groups and boat classes, and so are the state championships for third grade rowers and Novices who are really 4th grade and beginners in the sport.

The third grade and Novice short distance SA titles are extremely popular with the club rowers of all ages who are not the elite and first grade competitors.

With a couple of regattas cancelled because of COVID-19 this summer season, the State premierships may well be decided at these two regattas.

The premiership in SA Rowing is decided by the club winning the most races over the whole season and this year several of the different grades are close contests with these two regattas the last chance of the season to chalk up victories.

Starting at 9.00am tomorrow there will be 33 races with the last race due to start at 2.08pm.

Next weekend sees the boat classes and grades and age groups raced in a mirror image of this programme to give the other half of the competitors a chance to race in their different boat classes and events of choice.

Phil Mangelsdorf


DAY 2 – 30 May 2022

All information & Results: https://rowingmanager.com/regattas/5422