Help Queensland rowing clubs recover: 2022 floods

Help Queensland rowing clubs recover: 2022 floods

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Initiative and support by Rowing South Australia, Maddie Edmunds and Jirik Haselgrove.


Excerpt from Brisbane’s Rowing Clubs Stricken by Floods story, By William O’Chee:

Exceptionally heavy rainfall on the East Coast of Australia has flooded the river city of Brisbane, and with it, its many rowing clubs.


The average February rainfall for Brisbane is 159 mm, but it has received over 735 mm in less than four days. And with a catchment area of over 7,000 km2, such spectacular rainfall can have only one result.


As the river came up, frantic text messages from the clubs and schools summoned volunteers to move boats and equipment to higher ground before the arrival of the flood waters. Lines of boats on nearby roads and carparks attest to the fact the calls were successful.


We know that all of the rowing community is coming together in Queensland to help each other, no matter the club or school; it would be amazing to show that the rowing community goes deeper than that.


Rowing SA extends our support to the Queensland rowing community who are once again facing huge loss and a massive clean-up.


The funds raised will be issued to clubs and schools in most need to clean and replace incidentals/equipment that have been destroyed in the floods.


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