West Lakes Facility Updates- 21/01/22

Dear West Lakes Rowing SA tenants,

The facility and regatta course are getting a lot of use so I wanted to provide you with a few updates and reminders to help everyone work in partnership.

Waste Management

Charles Sturt Council in late 2021 commenced with a new waste management contractor and with this comes new processes. We have been working with Council who have provided us with 2 (soon to be 3) large bins which will be located on the Northern side of the building as normal. This new waste management program has been rolled out Council wide and without much notice.

We ask that you and your members separate your waste into general or recycled waste before placing it into the appropriate bins. The bins will still be emptied on a weekly basis, however the small blue lidded bins will no longer be emptied. Anything in blue lidded bins will not be emptied, so you will not see many around as in the past. On event days, the blue lidded event bins will still be available and will be collected from Military Road following the event.

New large bins:

  • Red lid – General waste
  • Yellow lid – Recycling

To access the bin, you will need to borrow (and return) a key from the RSA office. The reason for this process is to be able to monitor what goes into the bins. Please cut down large boxes into manageable size pieces before placing in the bins. Any large rubbish e.g. tents, chairs, riggers, will need to be removed off-site by yourself.

We will monitor this new process over the next few weeks and will engage alternative waste removal processes if required.

Northern gate and access

Please remind your members that access to the Northern Reserve remains limited.

  • No car parking is permitted at any time.
  • Trailers are permitted BUT on a very short-term basis (1-2 days) for loading/unloading – please remove your trailer promptly.
  • The access gate must be locked at all times for security reasons. If you see it open, please lock it.

We are fortunate that Council provide us this reserve for our use, and we need to make sure it remains secure and in good condition.

Use of the lake and bike/pedestrian path

As more people start to use the Course please be careful and watch out for others. Some reminders:

Rowing SA Indoor Rowing Room

  • Only available to bookings. To book visit https://www.picktime.com/rowingsaindoorrowingroom
  • Please do not enter if you have not booked.
  • Ensure that:
    • only 5 people are in the room at any one time (including coach/staff)
    • you maintain a record of who accessed the room during your booking
    • everyone uses the QR Check-In
    • you clean your machine and all touchable areas before using the room, and before exiting
    • you take with you all rubbish and wipes and place them in a bin outside


Thank you for your cooperation.


Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc