Welcoming Alacoque Tunny – Participation, Pathway and Administration Officer

We would like to welcome new staff member Alacoque Tunny to Rowing SA as the Participation, Pathway and Administration Officer.


The position is primarily responsible for the implementation of all development initiatives to improve the recruitment and retention for each of our stakeholders across the state. This role will work closely with schools and clubs to build sustainable sport development structures and increase the broader profile of the sport. The position will also oversee the administration of the State Team.


Alacoque completes her Bachelor of Commerce degree in November and we are delighted to welcome her to Rowing SA. Her Commerce studies have provided her with sound understanding of business, marketing and communications, which combined with her practical experience of social media initiatives will be very useful to Rowing SA.


Alacoque shares her passion for rowing, both on-water and off. At club level she has made a positive impact at AUBC and the SA rowing community and has developed great administrative and communication skills in her recent roles. She has a passion for participation and inclusion, ensuring all receive the same opportunities to compete and succeed, to the level their talent, effort and commitment allows.


Alacoque was originally recruited through the SASI TID Program as a student and is still involved with coaching, testing, and helping manage the new athletes today. She is passionate about creating alternative pathways into the sport and making it more accessible to the wider community or anyone that does not come from a rowing school initially. If it was not for these pathways, she would not be in the sport today.


I know Alacoque is looking forward to advancing her positive relationships already existing within the rowing SA community, and we look forward to her contribution to Rowing SA in the years to come.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc