Regatta Information for 2021-22 Season

To All Clubs and Schools,


Please find attached and below information in preparation for the 2021-22 season.


Covid & Spectator Management

Attached is the Rowing SA Covid and Spectator Management Plan for the October-December period.

Please note this will be reviewed at the end of December and as any new or eased recommendations and regulations come to light.


2021-2022 Affiliation Fees

Please find attached an email detailing the process for completing your Club Affiliation sent by Verayna Zilm on the 6th of September. If you are yet to complete the Affiliation Application please do so ASAP.

Please note only members of Affiliated Clubs are permitted entry into Rowing SA Regattas.

2021-2022 Membership Fees

The Membership Categories and Costs for the 2021-22 summer season is now available on the Rowing SA Website.

All members looking to enter a regatta will require a competitive membership assigned to their profile on Rowing Manager and to have completed the Rowing Australia Waiver.

Registrations and entries will need to be conducted by your Rowing Manager Club Administrator.

Entries into the first regatta close on Monday the 11th of October at 9:00am. Office support will not be provided over the weekend. As such we advise those wishing to compete in the regatta to begin registrations as soon as possible to avoid any last minute issues over the weekend.

The process and timelines around registrations, new member requests, and transfers can be found in Appendix 3 of the Rowing SA Regulations for Boat Racing (here


Indicative Schedules & Event Information

Event information including event lists and indicative schedules will be available from 5:00pm today for the majority of regattas taking place in the October to December period.

Entries for the 4.8km Time Trial taking place on the 16th of October will also open from today.


We look forward to seeing you for a successful 2021-22 season.


Kind Regards,

Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc