2021 AGM Awards and Appointments

Thank you to all who attended the 2021 Rowing SA Annual General Meeting. While minutes will be made available in time, we would like to highlight the following outcomes of the evening, and celebrate the people in the South Australian Rowing Community’s achievements. Please click the highlighted names to learn more about these honoured members.

  • Congratulations to Barny Cundell and Jill Talbot for receiving an Honorary Life Member for Rowing SA at the 2021 AGM.
  • Congratulations to Cynthia Judd for receiving a Rowing SA Service Award for her distinguished service to rowing in SA.
  • Congratulations to the newly Elected Directors to the Rowing SA Board: Jamie Grant, Christina Firth and Catherine McDougall.
  • Congratulations to Phil Mangelsdorf for being elected President of the Rowing SA Board.

We look forward to your continuing support for the 2021-22 season.