Registration for SA Masters athletes for 2021 AMRC

We understand that the relocation of the Master’s Nationals to Adelaide has the community excited and ready to compete! If you have NOT competed this year and want to, or you are curious about your registration – keep reading. 👇👀
If you currently hold a full-year, half-year (Jan-June), entry level, school full-year (coxswains only) or club coxswain membership you ARE registered to enter the 2021 Australian Masters Rowing Championships. Yay!
If not, we will allow for “Registration-Only” Rowing SA membership through rowingmanager (club admins must process) for $36 which allows you to compete at the AMRC. Reminder – you will need to accept the Rowing Australia Waiver to complete this process.
Once you have been registered correctly, you then may enter the AMRC and will be invoiced seat fees directly on top of this – Rowing Australia has set this at $45 each seat.
We hope that this clears everything up for you all – and we see all our SA masters out and about through May! Email [email protected] for any further inquiries about registration.
Thanks – Rowing SA