Coach Hi-Vis Vest Program & Coach acknowledgement of key policies

Dear Clubs/Schools,


Please forward this to all of your coaches.


Following communication in December regarding the use of coach hi-vis vests at West Lakes and now having received these orders for each club, we are now in a position to provide each club with their order. As part of the roll-out we need to ensure that all coaches understand the purpose of the vests but also to ensure that they understand key policies that relate to coaching on waterways.


West Lakes, Torrens, Port River and Murray River are public waterways which Rowing SA and clubs are privileged to have access to. In use of these waterways we ask that all users, especially coaches are aware of, can understand and are capable of following traffic flow patterns and important safety information before getting on the water. We also ask that all users of waterways read and adhere to the Rowing SA Safety and Training PolicyRegulations for Boat Racing and the Rowing SA Weather Policy. We continually look at ways to advance our safe practices and following a recent review of water operations we seek confirmation that all coaches have read and understand these key policies.


For coaches at West Lakes, documenting our compliance is a requirement for our use of West Lakes but we feel that it is appropriate that all active coaches no matter which waterway they coach at should confirm their acknowledgement of these important rules. We ask that you take the time to review the forementioned policies and then complete the following survey no later than Monday 1 March 2021.


SURVEY LINK (all coaches):



Monday 22 Feb: Email notification with survey link sent to all clubs/schools and coaches we have email addresses

Tuesday 23 Feb onwards: Each club/school to collect their allocated order from the Rowing SA office (West Lakes clubs/schools only)

Friday 26 Feb: Email reminder to coaches/schools/clubs to complete the survey

May 2021: Review coach hi-vis vest program


We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc