Meeting with Council – West Lakes matters

Dear West Lakes users,


Just to let you know that I will be attending a meeting with the Council on Monday morning following receipt of several reports from our coaches regarding a resident’s behavior.


For everyone’s awareness the following people will be involved in the meeting:

  • Cr Sarah McGrath – Councillor Grange Ward, Charles Sturt Council
  • Adam Filipi – Manager Public Health and Safety, Charles Sturt Council
  • Darian White – Resident
  • Catherine McDougall – Rowing Director, Seymour College
  • Andrew Swift – CEO, Rowing SA


Due to this report as well as a few noise complaints from other residents (1,200m and 600m mark) over the past 2 weeks, the Council will allocate Officers to review the behavior of residents, use of the lake (noise incl. rower/coxboxes), lights) and the bike path (lights, helmets, noise/coaching from radios, and not coaching in front of houses). As I have said in previous correspondence, we have had staff attend several peak training sessions over the past weeks and have witnessed a great deal of compliance, almost 100%. This email is 1. To thank you for your support, but 2. An opportunity to remind all coaches to be extra vigilant while the Council are on-site over the coming weeks. Let’s show them how compliant we are/have been.


If you hear a coxbox too loud and too early, please politely remind the coach as they may not know the rules.


A few reminder areas:

  • As it is getting darker earlier, please ensure lights are clearly visible.
  • Please don’t row off from the beach area or make any noise by the water before 6am.
  • As coxed crews push off please test the volume of the coxbox and remind them that noise needs to be contained within the boat.
  • Before 7:00am and after 6:00pm, instruction to crews only permitted from Reserves along the Lake (not in front of residences).
  • Before 7:00am and after 6:00pm, all on water athletes (including coxswains) must keep all noise to a minimum.
  • Before 7:00am and after 6:00pm, all path users and coaches must keep all noise to an absolute minimum.


I appreciate that you would have seen these tips before but the more people in our community you can forward this to e.g. all coaches are aware of the situation, it will be quite clear to our stakeholders that we are doing an exceptional job.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc