School Premiership Series #2 – confirmed!

Despite winds threatening to cancel the event, due to the forecast remaining below 41kmph (as per Section 2 of the Rowing SA Weather and Condition Management Recommendations & Competition Day Policy) Rowing SA implemented Level 1 of wind policy for competitions. All scheduled events will go ahead at this stage however schools have been advised to consider the aptitude of all athletes and crews with respect to the forecast conditions and make any required withdrawals, penalty-free as the policy states.

The next decision regarding the regatta will be made a 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of racing by the regatta referee, John Asenstorfer, and communicated via the PA at the venue. Please note, as per the competition day section of the policy (pg. 8-9) the conditions caused by wind, rather than the outright wind strength, will form the basis of the referee’s decision on regatta day.

Rowing SA are pleased to offer livestreaming of the event considering no spectators are allowed. Thanks to the generous support Livestreaming Australia we will be providing this service free of charge through the link below. Airing will begin at 8:40am with the first race set off at 8:45am. We will have commentators calling the races so please interact with us through our social media channels, ask questions about the rowing and we look forward to hosting you virtually!

For the athletes – come prepared, dress warm, and best of luck with your races!