SPS #2 – Information and Updates #2

Hi All,


Please find information for this weekends School Premiership Series #2 at West Lakes.


Spectators and Attendance Limits

Spectators are not permitted at this event.

Total numbers in attendance (athletes, coaches, support staff) for this weekends event will comfortably exceed the 1000 person cap on public events. As such it is imperative all attendees abide by the ‘come, row, go’ principle.


Essential and Support Staff Registration and Attendance requirements

Each School may have up to 4 Essential Staff, up to 4 Support Staff per session, and all required coaches. These individuals may change from session to session but are not permitted to be on site for a session they are not registered for.

Please complete the registration form by 1:00pm, Friday, February 5th.

Coaches and Athletes must be registered via Rowing Manager and be entered in their correct events (coaches included).

Wristbands will be issued to all Coaches, Registered Support Staff and Essential Staff. Please collect these from Regatta Control prior to the regatta.

Please also be advised all attendees at the event over the age of 18 must check in using the SA Government QR code that will be positioned around the venue and provided with your wristbands.


Live Streaming

This service will now also be available free through the Rowing SA Youtube Channel.

Please promote this to your school communities and encourage them to follow the action online as they are unable to attend the venue.


Site Map and Event Area

Please see the attached site map and note the event area boundaries.

Tent sites will be line marked on Oarsman Reserve.

Please ensure all trailers are in the venue by 7:15am. Tents are not to be erected until 7:15am.

A drop off/pick up zone will be in place on Military Road adjacent the Boat sheds.


Weather Forecast

We are monitoring the current wind forecast for Saturday and will communicate any changes in accordance with the Rowing SA Weather and Condition Management Recommendations & Competition Day Policy by 12pm Friday. You can view this document here – https://rowingsa.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Rowing-SA-Weather-Policy-and-Management-Recomendations-301118.pdf


Other Reminders

SASI will be conducting a 1 off race with Umpire support from the 2000m start line at 8:30am on Saturday morning. The course will be closed to training crews by this time however please ensure all crews warming up/transiting to the start line, are clear of the course during this time.

OAR has a function booked on the Rowing SA Lawns on Sunday – please ensure trailers are not left on this area after the regatta.


Kind regards,


Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc