School Premiership Series 2 – Information and Updates #1

Hi All,


Please find the Draft Draw and Programme for SPS #2 via this link:


Please note the following:


Come, Row, Go

We are expecting total athlete numbers plus coaches, essential, & support staff throughout the day to comfortably exceed the 1000 person cap on events. As such, it is imperative that all attendees abide by the ‘come, row, go’ principle.

The lunch break has been slightly extended to allow for the majority of Yr 7/8 and 8/9 competitors to vacate the site prior to the arrival of Yr 9/10 and Senior competitors.


Spectators and other Attendees
Spectators are currently not permitted at Rowing SA Regattas.

We will be releasing the SurveyMonkey registration form for Essential and Support Staff on Wednesday.

All schools are permitted to have all coaches required, plus up to 4 Essential Staff and 4 Support Staff per regatta/per session.

Session 1 runs from the beginning of the regatta to the lunch break and Session 2 runs from the end of the lunch break to the end of the regatta (plus reasonable time either side to complete a designated task and leave the venue).

Staff may change from session to session but are not permitted on site for a session they are not registered for.


Live Streaming

The Advertiser will be live streaming every race from Saturday’s School Premiership Series Regatta on the website from 8:45am.

A subscription will be required to view this service – subscriptions currently cost $1 for the first 28 days and can be cancelled after the first month.

We would appreciate you promoting this information to your school communities and encouraging them to use this service rather than attending West Lakes.


Catering & Food Requirements

Wilderness School will be hosting this weekends SPS regatta and are working on catering options for the regatta available to all attendees. OAR will also be open throughout the event.

Schools may conduct their own BBQ’s for their members only and may not conduct food sales. All food preparation, packaging, and distribution must be in accordance with standard catering requirements and additional COVID Safe catering requirements.


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Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc