West Lakes hi-vis vest: place your order by 12 noon Wednesday 20 January 2021

Dear West Lakes rowing clubs,


There has been a lot of good work by all users of West Lakes to improve the safety for all. This has not gone unnoticed. There is still work to be done with a small number of incidents being reported in 2020.


One collective strategy of the Charles Sturt Council and Rowing SA 12-months ago was the implementation of hi-vis vests for coaches/personnel using the bike paths along the lake. The Rowing SA Board has directed me to implement this for all rowing club users of West Lakes by February 2021, hence why there will be no further consultation. I know there will be many mixed views on this decision.


The vests will have an identification number specific to each club, putting the onus on residents/users to identify the club in breach of any lake use requirement. In addition, it provides an extra level of safety for all coaches on the bike/pedestrian path especially during low light. Additional support will be provided during the implementation stage to review, analyse and clarify any reports that come in to ensure their legitimacy.


A shared spreadsheet has been created (link below) and we ask that each club/school that coaches at West Lakes (at any time) inputs the quantity of vests (and sizes) required for their coaches/personnel (everyone on a bike e.g. coach, athlete, spare) by 12 noon Wednesday 20 January 2021. Please put a ‘0’ or a number in each cell. An order will then be placed by RSA with roll-out and compulsory use shortly after (date TBC). An invoice covering the cost of your vests will be sent to each club upon receipt of them. Each vest is expected to cost approximately $5 (depending on orders/shipping).



This program will be reviewed in May 2021 and a report provided to Council and Rowing SA Board to consider any changes.


Thank you in advance for being a part of this initiative which highlights the importance that we put on maintaining a positive relationship with locals, Council and other user groups.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc