Rowing South Australia are proud to support Rowing Australia in the relocation of the 2021 Australian Masters Rowing Championships to Adelaide – West Lakes!

The A.M. Ramsay Regatta Course is an international standard 2km course located just 25 minutes from the city centre, and 15 minutes from the airport. It is complete with a boating pontoon, sufficient warm up area, buoyed lanes, and starting pontoon. More information about the facility can be found here.

Boat trailer parking will be off-site – please read the following instructions carefully:

Please see the course traffic flow pattern for both training and racing. Please note that there is no training while racing is on. There will also be no training permitted before 7am. Details of general course closures over the time of the event can be found here.

Equipment Hire

Please see below the current list of equpiment available in Adelaide. If you have equpiment you can add to this list, please either fill this form for boats, this form for racks/miscellaneous equipment, or email Jo on with details of what you have to offer.

Equipment available for hire
Contact Size How many available Cost
Benjamin O’Connell – Norwood Morialta High School 
6m x 3m 4 $300 each
Benjamin O’Connell – Norwood Morialta High School
4m x 3m 1 $200 each



Boats will be added as they are made available. Please contact clubs/schools directly.

Contact Club/School Boat type Model/mould Weight Vessel Age Hire Price (per event) Oars included?
Daniel Ralph – Christian Brothers College 8+ Hudson Super Predator 85kg 11 years (2010) $200 yes
Daniel Ralph – Christian Brothers College 4+ Hudson Elite 80kg 12 years (2009) $100 yes
Daniel Ralph – Christian Brothers College 1x Sykes Initators (various) 70-105kg 2 years (2019) $50 yes
Tom Doornbos  –
Loreto College 8+ Sykes 847
65 – 80kg
5 years $225 yes
Tom Doornbos  –
Loreto College 1x  Sykes Accelerator (2 available)
2 years $70 yes
Tom Doornbos  –
Loreto College
4+ / 4x+
Sykes Mould 10 (2 available) 
6 years $150 yes
Miscellaneous (racks, oars, etc)

Equipment will be posted here as it is made available. Please contact these people directly.

Orphan Information

Please see below the current list of orphan rowers. If you would like to add yourself or your crew to this list, please send through the following details to Jo Malcolm at

Rower's info below
Rowers looking to join a crew
Name  Age  Club Contact Number  Contact Email Available Days to compete Sculler/Bow Side/Stroke Side/Coxswain
e.g. Alan Bennett 40 UTS Haberfield Rowing Club 0400 000 000 Saturday & Sunday  Sculler & Bow Side Sweep
Lynne Broad 58 Bairnsdale Rowing Club 0407 281 718 Available everyday Sculler & both Bow/Stroke Side Sweep
Tim Hamilton 51 Bairnsdale Rowing Club 0400 171 399 Available everyday Sculling and Bow Side Sweep
Patricio Sepulveda 38 Albert Park South Melbourne 0412 806 785 Available Thursday and Friday Sculling
David Rafter 62 Carrum Rowing Club 0428 152 450 Available Thursday & Friday MF4x and/or ME2x
Lahnie Clarke 44 Riverway Rowing Club QLD 0410 525 789 everyday, women’s & mixed Sculling & Sweep, both sides
Bob Kelsall 70 Leichhardt rowing club sydney 0412 247 567 Everyday, Men’s and mixed scull and sweep bow side
Mark Budd 49 Riverway Rowing Club QLD 0417 613 439 everyday, men’s and mixed sculling only
Tanya Brehmer 48 Centenary Rowing Club, QLD 0402 280 314 Sunday Sculling only.
Peter Kemp 66 Newcastle 0418 201 850 Every day Sculler, Stroke Sweep
Susan Kemp 71 Newcastle 0412 248 050 Every day Sculler, Bow Sweep
Jodie Italia 50 Commercial Rowing Club

Thursday, Saturday, Sunday Bow sweep, looking for an 8!
Warwick Fisher 70 Lake Macquarie Rowing Club 0407 255 123 Every Day can sweep and scull but prefers bowside sweep
Ivan Knight 74 Bairnsdale Rowing Club 0429 982 177

G, H or I quad, I double.

any mixed quad and doubles in my age group

Lisa Letic 51 Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club 0421 144 231   Coxswain
Deborah Spring 65 Power House Rowing Club 0409 023 174 Available every day Coxswain
Lillian Hayes 73   0400 436 212 Available every day Sculling and sweep (stroke side)
Kirstin Berry 39 Lake Macquarie Rowing Club 0402 239 093 Available every day Sculler/Bow Side/Stroke Side/Coxswain: Sculling
Aaron Skinner 29   (David) 0437756626   Available Saturday/Sunday except for Para 1x Sculling
Gabriel Haythornthwaite 57 Drummoyne Rowing Club 0412 544 632 Available except for MixC2x and Men’s LE1x prefer scull
David Rayment 44 Leichhardt Rowing Club 0403 712 214 all days stroke side and sculling, mixed ok as well
Charles Buzacott 41 Leichhardt Rowing Club 0478 058 260 Friday after 10am and Saturday stroke side and sculling, mixed ok as well

Ron Alexander

66 Bairnsdale R.C.

0407445056  Available each day

Scull / sweep stroke side

Tom Otte

G grade Buckingham RC

0417 146 807

  Racing Thurs PM and Fri AM

Sweep preferred 




Coxswains available
Coxswain Name Club  Contact Number  Contact Email Availability

Katrina Reynolds

Toowong Rowing Club 0431572738

Full Regatta

Zoe Scobie

Adelaide University Boat Club 0499002313


Full Regatta