Berri Regatta – Event Update #1: ENTRIES OPEN

Dear Clubs and Schools,

Following Rowing SA’s Board meeting last night and recent communications with the Berri Barmera Council, Berri Rowing Club and SA Health, we are expecting to go ahead with the Riverland Regatta in Berri on Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 December 2020. Please find attached the indicative schedule. Entries are now open and close Tuesday 1 December 2020, 1pm.

Our intention has always been to deliver this regatta, and pleasingly with restrictions expected to be lifted on 1 December 2020 the regatta can proceed. As long as a new Direction is released on 1 December providing that competitive sport and regional travel is no longer highlighted as a minimised activity, then there is no issue with the event going ahead.

There are some fine details that I want to highlight to you:

  • We need to make sure that the new changes coming into effect next week allow the event to go ahead. The Rowing SA Board will meet as soon as an announcement of the changes has been made so conclusive communication can be sent to you.
  • There will be several COVID safe practises and protocols that every attendee will need to comply with – these will be outlined to all Clubs with entries into this event.
  • Spectators will be allowed in some form, however numbers in attendance will be dependent on several factors:
    • Following the anticipated changes on 1 December, we will be allowed up to 1,000 people (competitors, coaches and spectators).
    • We are hopeful that we will receive approval of our COVID Management Plan to enable all anticipated spectators entry at any given time. Currently all COVID Management Plans have been suspended but we are hopeful of a favourable outcome next week. SA Health have contacted me today regarding several updates to our Plan (based on the expected changes) which has now been updated.
    • We have several systems on standby to manage spectator numbers during the regatta. The system used will be dependent on the total number allowable at the event at any given time. The systems are to enable as much opportunity for spectators to see your chosen race.
    • The Council’s Risk Manager is considering some recommendations for visitors to possibly minimise their contact points during their visit, but these are only in theory at this time.
  • The timeline for regatta entries and program finalisation has been slightly modified to allow Clubs time to consider appropriate entries for your athletes whilst still allowing for the creation of an accurate program for the weekends competition. The updated timeline is outlined below:


Entries Open – 12:00pm Wednesday, 25 November

Entries Close – 1:00pm Tuesday, 1 December

A draft draw will not be produced however a penalty free withdrawal period will be in place. It is recommended all clubs review their entries against the indicative schedule and make any necessary withdrawals during this timeframe. For the Riverland Regatta, Rowing SA strongly recommends a minimum of 60-90 minutes between events on the indicative schedule for any single athlete (depending on distance of events). This will avoid clashes should the program be condensed due to lack of entries in some events.

Penalty Free Withdrawal Period Open – 1:00pm Tuesday, 1 December

Penalty Free Withdrawal Period Close – 9:00am Wednesday, 2 December

Final Draw Published – 6:00pm Wednesday, 2 December

All usual timelines and penalties for scratchings will apply as of 9:00am Wednesday. Please see the “Rowing SA Regulations for Boat Racing” for further details.

We understand that everyone is impacted by the Government’s restrictions surrounding the running of this event and I can assure you that every effort will be made to provide absolutely guarantee that our processes will comply with the Directions, and Health advice and guidance for the safety of all attendees. We thank you in advance for your expected compliance.

Entries are now open and please keep a look out for further updates from Rowing SA.


Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc