COVID updates – ROWING #3

Dear Schools and Clubs,


On Friday the Premier announced changes to the current COVID-19 Stay at Home Direction.  The changes were based on updated information that SA Health received.


As of 12pm Friday 20 November 2020:

  • exercise outside of your home with members of your household is permitted (this includes private rowing boats not stored within a Club/facility)
  • Masks are not mandatory but encouraged
  • Schools will re-open on Monday 23 November


As of 12.01am on Sunday 22 November (tomorrow) Emergency Management (Stay at Home No 3) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 and the Emergency Management (Public Activities No 12) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 comes into effect. These directions include the following that relates to Rowing in SA:

  • 1 person per 4 square metres will apply
  • Gyms are permitted to open (this does not include gyms in a Club)
  • Updated gathering provisions being:
    • Private gatherings -50 people maximum
    • Private residences – 10 people per house
  • Swimming is allowed for fitness or rehabilitation purposes
  • Indoor and outdoor community sport fixtures and training are prohibited (but does not include elite, professional or intra-school sports)
    • There are only a few SASI Scholarship holders that will receive exemption under the ‘elite’ banner


In addition:

The Department for Education released a communication yesterday stating that ‘sport and physical education confined to the schools own site can continue’.


The regattas that have already been cancelled (West Lakes Regatta: Saturday 21 November & School Premiership Series Regatta #1, West Lakes: Saturday 28 November) remain cancelled.


The Riverland Regatta in Berri on Saturday/Sunday 5/6 December 2020, is still pending. We appreciate a timely decision is required (which has been challenging given the number of recent changes) and we will provide a further update (and hopefully a decision) on Wednesday.


The Directions are anticipated to again change on 1 December 2020, which will hopefully signify the resumption of our sport on and off the water.


I encourage you to keep an eye out on and check out the FAQ’s. I will keep you updated as further changes and updates come to hand.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc