Rowing SA Safety Campaign

Dear Clubs and Schools,


Rowing SA was pleased to launch its 5 week ‘Safety’ campaign last week.


Safety Month’ will focus on educating our community, helping Clubs achieve best practice, and ensuring all our members know how to safely share the water. Over the next 5 weeks you will see several pieces of information clarifying and summarising rules and guidelines for on water and off; we’ll be providing resources to Clubs that are ready to implement; we will have a strong social media presence with safety messages and reminders; and you will see regular attendance of RSA Safety staff/volunteers at West Lakes who will speak directly with individuals to help educate athletes and coaches.


Each week will have a different focus:

Week 1 – Safe People and Places

Week 2 – Safe Equipment

Week 3 – Know Your Waterway (Part 1)

Week 4 – Know your Waterway (Part 2)

Week 5 – Share the Water


This is an opportunity to collaborate, ask questions, have conversations, and ultimately educate our community to ensure safe practices and protocols are met for the wellbeing of everyone involved in rowing as well as other water users.


Week 1 – Safe People and Places

Week 1 is now underway. This week our focus is on ensuring Rowing SA policies and resources are aligned and up to date, and making those resources available to clubs.


A key addition to the safety resources this year is a Safety Checklist that can be utilised by all clubs and schools to check on safety and compliance within their own shed.


We realise that risk management and safety planning can be a daunting task for some, so as part of ‘Safety Month’ we are excited to offer clubs and schools the opportunity to book some time in with Peter Young for a safety review of your club or school. At this session Peter will work through the safety checklist with club leadership and safety officer and be on hand to answer any questions and hear any feedback or issues you might have at your club. We would encourage all clubs and schools to take advantage of this opportunity. Please email [email protected] with your preferred date/time (3 options) and location and we’ll confirm a session time.


Safety resources

All safety resources, including the ‘Safety Checklist’, are available via our website and will continue to be updated We would recommend checking these out and printing any relevant resources for display in your boat shed.


Week 2 – Safe Equipment

Week 2 will kick off on Monday, October 12th, and will focus on educating members about their equipment and ensuring all equipment used on the water meets minimum safety standards. We will have information and reminders on social media and staff/volunteers will be on duty at West Lakes during peak times to help Clubs and crews identify equipment related safety issues.


Please contact me with any questions. We look forward to your involvement and we would really appreciate your support in sharing the safety message amongst your members and supporters.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc