COVID Marshal and free training requirements – to be in place from this Friday

Dear Clubs,


As announced by the State Government recently, as of Friday 21 August 2020 a COVID Marshal will be required to supervise a prescribed operation, which includes operations/training at your clubs and our regattas. FAQ document can be found here. It includes:

  • The onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverage (whether occurring in an indoor or outdoor area)
  • Operations at sporting clubs
  • Operations at gymnasiums


If your club is operating you must have a COVID Marshal as of this Friday. to support/implement your COVID safe plan. The Marshal can be in two forms:

  • less than 200 people are present  – then you must have a nominated COVID Marshal (this can be one of your coaches or volunteers to perform the role as well as their usual duties).
  • more than 200 people are reasonably expected to be present at or participating – then you must have a dedicated COVID Marshal (this person must not have any other duties in respect of the prescribed operation). Rowing SA will have a dedicated COVID Marshal at every regatta and we will try and get as many trained to share the load.
  • a COVID Marshal is only required during any hours of high patronage, e.g. 6am-8am or 4pm-6pm. It is not required for individual/casual/unstructured use at your club/trainings.


A COVID Marshal must:

  • Complete the free online training (
  • Be 18 years of age or more;
  • Be easily identifiable (e.g. brightly coloured vest or eye-catching lanyard with ‘COVID MARSHAL’ displayed)
  • Be present and on duty while the activity is operating
  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure infection control practices (e.g. frequent handwashing) are followed by people involved in the operations (patrons, employees and contractors);
  • Promote and take practical steps to ensure people participating in the operations are complying with density requirements, physical distancing principle;
  • Ensure  that  all  COVID  Safe  Plans  and  COVID  Management  Plans  (where  relevant)  or  specific  polices/protocols in relation to the prevention of coronavirus are effectively implemented and monitored;


The online training for COVID Marshals has been released today and can now be accessed. I completed the training today and took less than 20 minutes.

Roles and responsibilities of a COVID Marshal

  • Training
    COVID Marshals must have completed relevant training as prescribed by SA Health. Their business owner/operator or the person in charge of their activity must be able to prove that their COVID Marshal(s) have completed this training, so that they can show this to an authorised officer if requested.
  • Identifiable
    COVID Marshals must be visibly and immediately identifiable by their colleagues, SA Police and the public. Some print out labels you might like to utilise for small club training sessions are available here.
  • Present and on duty
    A COVID Marshal must be on duty while a business or activity is operating or is being conducted. However, for 24/7 operations with staff not always present on-site, a COVID Marshal is only required during any hours of high patronage, e.g. 6am-8am.
  • Take all reasonable action to ensure compliance
    A COVID Marshal’s role is to ensure that their business or activity’s COVID-Safe Plan, COVID Management Plan or their local COVID-19 prevention plans, policies or protocols are implemented as best as possible.


If you have any questions please let me know and if any further updates come to hand, I will pass them on. In regards to schools – I am seeking clarification as to if this applies to an education setting (school club) and is a requirement – I’ll let you know of any updates.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc