Introducing the 12-Week Development Program

Dear Clubs,


Many people in South Australia have been affected in different ways over the past 6 weeks. Our members use rowing as an escape, an opportunity to socialise and an opportunity to stay fit and healthy. It’s now time to get our minds and bodies in gear for next season while maximising engagement within our rowing community.


It is with great excitement that I provide an overview of upcoming professional development sessions that you and your members can attend. There are some targeted sessions, however if you have interest in a topic or want to learn more, please register and join in for free (via Zoom). There is no maximum number of sessions you can attend so I encourage you to sign up and tune in to as many as you can. Whether you are an athlete, coach or volunteer at all levels, we hope you find a session that will be of interest to you.


Along with the professional development sessions, every fortnight we will be running 7-day Challenges, for an opportunity to compete against other members and against other rowing clubs in SA.


I have attached the latest 12-week program, however as this flyer will continually be updated and added to I recommend you refer to the following website link weekly where you will find the most up-to-date schedule. You will find here links to register for each session when they become available.


We want to make sure that we can support all members, we can learn, interact and have some fun while keeping members active! What we are offering should add to what you are doing within your clubs. Keep sending out programs, tips and hints, and messages to your members. We will be here to help you along the way so please contact us if you need further support.


When we get the green light to resume normal training, we will be ready, our members will come back to your clubs, and people will still turn to rowing as the sport for them.


Please pass this information onto your members and encourage them to get involved.



Andrew Swift

Chief Executive Officer

Rowing South Australia Inc