Riverland Regatta – Maps and Information

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Please find below relevant information for the Riverland Regatta and 2nd Grade State Championships occurring this weekend in Renmark.

>>> Renmark Regatta Course Map <<<


Heat Forecast


The current forecast for Renmark on Sunday is 37 degrees.

As such, the start time for Sundays races has been shifted back to 8:00am. This will allow the majority of the regatta to be completed before the forecast maximum temperature is reached (expected between 3:30pm and 6:00pm).

Unless there is a significant change in the forecast we are expecting to complete the regatta without amendments being required.

We would still recommend all Clubs/Schools/Coaches/Athletes/Spectators familiarise themselves with the ‘Beat the Heat’ Recommendations available on page 4 of the Rowing Australia Extreme Heat Recommendations (available here https://rowingaustralia.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/ra_extreme_heat_recommendations_2011.pdf)


Event Parking

Please see the attached Renmark Regatta Site Map for event parking for participants and spectators.

Please do not park along New Landing Way.

Please see the Renmark Regatta Car Parking Map for further information.

Catering and Venue Information

The Renmark Rowing Club have arranged for a range of food and drink options available on site including a Coffee Van and fresh local produce.

The club has also indicated that this will be a minimal waste event. Please see the  Remark Rowing Club Introduction on this.



We understand clubs will be arriving throughout the day on Friday however, boats are not to be unloaded onto the main regatta area (on the river side of the car park) until after 12:00pm on Friday – this is to facilitate the set up of the main regatta venue unencumbered by errant equipment.

Trailers may be left in the designated boat trailer area during this time and crews wishing to train may do so from the trailer storage areas.


Boat Trailers

Please see the attached map for instructions for Trailer parking.

If you intend to use your trailer as racking to store boats throughout the regatta please park on the grassed area immediately behind the main regatta venue.

If you have completely or mostly unloaded your trailer please park it in the dirt trailer car park adjacent the old Tavern site.

Trailers that are left in the wrong location may be shifted.


Boat Racks & Boat Storage

Boat racks will be set up on the main venue. There will only be a limited quantity. It is recommended that these are used for boats that will be in high rotation throughout the regatta.

Racks can not be saved for clubs or boats that have not yet arrived.

Please be considerate of other clubs when utilising the boat racks and ensure you are only using what you absolutely need.

Rowing SA will not be involved in sorting out any disputes over boat racks.



Overnight security will be provided on Friday and Saturday nights by the Paringa CFS.


Regatta Schedule

As usual the Riverland Regatta will be a very large and very busy regatta. Races will not be held for crews that are late to the start. Crews must report to the Marshal a minimum of 5 minutes before scheduled race start time.


2nd Grade Events

A reminder that a minimum of one boat must be eliminated from each heat regardless of the progression instructions (For example- a 3 crew race where the progression is “First 2 to progress” will become “Winner to progress” should a crew not present at the start line). Please advise your athletes of this and advise them to ask the Umpire should they be unsure of the progression in their race.

Additional penalties will be in place for crews that scratch from a 2nd Grade Championship Final where qualification has been completed. Scratching from a Championship Final will incur a $100 penalty per entry, and failure to report for the start line without notification will incur a $150 penalty.


Coxswain Weigh-In

Coxswains are to weigh in a minimum of 1 hour prior to their first race. This weight can then be carried through for the 2 days.


Launching and Landing

Given the amount of crews and the short intervals between races it is imperative that everyone does their part in ensuring Launching and Landing is done as safely and as quickly as possible.

Clubs and Schools will need to provide additional assistance to assist crews in moving boats away from the bank area as soon as possible.


For Launching Crews –

  • All oars must be brought to the bank before the boat
  • All equipment must be fitted and checked prior to bringing the boat to the bank (this includes seats, foot stretchers, and stroke coaches)
  • Helpers should be on hand to pass the oars from the bank to the crew
  • The crew is to get oars in and depart the bank as quickly as possible.


For Returning Crews –

  • Helpers should be on hand to assist the boat to land.
  • Once landed the crew must get out as quickly as possible and begin taking oars out.
  • Helpers should available to take oars from the crew and put them on the bank.
  • The boat should removed from the water as quickly as possible.
  • The crew must return to collect their oars and any other equipment left on the bank as quickly as possible.


Travelling to the Start



Immediately after leaving the main venue in transit to the start line crews will pass a large area of submerged trees. DO NOT row through this area. Red buoys will mark the far edge of this area – crews must row around these red buoys when leaving the main venue and entering the travelling lane. Once through this area crews must keep close to the stroke side bank to avoid entering Lane 6 of the course. Yellow buoys every 250m will mark the edge of the travelling lane.


Marshalling Areas

Please gather in your relevant marshalling area off the course and in order of bow number. You must report to the Marshal at least 5 minutes before your scheduled race time.

Do not undertake pace work in or around an active marshalling area.



Training and Course Closures

The course will close to training crews 30 minutes prior to the first race and will open again 15 minutes after the first race.

Training is not permitted during the regatta. Only crews that have collected their bow number will be permitted on the water.


Rowing SA Office Closure

The Rowing SA Office will be closed Friday. If you require assistance on a matter relating to the regatta please email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you when I can.

Please note – new member requests received after 5:00pm Wednesday will not be processed in time for the Riverland Regatta. Membership Renewals must be in place by Friday.


Please distribute this information and all maps throughout your club.


Drive safely and we’ll see you all in Renmark for a big weekend of racing.


Kind regards,


Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc