2019 Round the Island Traffic Maps and Instructions

Hi All,

Please find the Course Map and specific instructions for this weekends Round the Island Regatta.

A reminder that a compulsory briefing for coaches, coxswains, and strokes will be held at 8:00am. Bow Numbers will be available after this time. As always, start list, info and results are found on https://sa.rowingmanager.com/regattas/4836.

This year we will be joined by 8 surf boats for the event. The surf boats will be starting directly off the southern end of the Oarsman Reserve beach at approx. 10:40am and heading straight across the course and around the island. Please familiarise yourself with the RTI Site Map around this area and ensure all rowing crews keep clear of this area.

As with previous years the large number of entries means that boats will be finishing the race long before the last boat has started. Please ensure all crews are familiar with and follow the RTI Finish Line Traffic Map and exit the water as quickly as possible to free up the finishing area. The RSA Pontoon will be open from 9:30am for returning boats ONLY to assist with clearing the finishing area. Please do not queue for the pontoon if there if space to land on the beach.

A State Team/National Team Time Trial will be held prior to the Round the Island Regatta, and the Junior Regatta will follow. Please refer to the Course Managers email for details of course closures and restrictions.

Kind regards,

Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc