Did you know – you could be a BRO?


Boat Race Officials (BRO’s for short) are the members of our community that make our regattas the safe, fun and fair events they are. As our Rowing community grows and we have a growing membership looking to compete in more races, the pressure is felt by our BROs who work week in and week out to accommodate the needs of our regattas.


To help, we are running a course where you can learn to be a BRO! A one-off theory session followed by practical hands-on experience at regattas will give you the tools to enable YOU to be a Level 1 – State Official recognised on the National Rowing Officiating Accreditation Scheme.


If you are 16 years or over – please follow this link to further details of the course to be held on Wednesday 14th August:



To sign up or register interest, use the following link:


We love and thank our BROs and ALL volunteers who help to make this sport into the fantastic community it is today.