Weather Impacted Events – 2019 State Championships Regatta

Please see below for information regarding events that were cancelled due to inclement weather at the 2019 SA State Championships.


There were 3 row-overs scheduled for the Saturday of the State Championships that were cancelled in order to assist with compressing the regatta schedule.

The Title, Medals, and Premiership Points will be awarded to the crews originally entered, and rower scores will be adjusted accordingly.

These crews and athletes are –

OLW4x OM4- OLW2x
Adelaide RC Adelaide RC Adelaide RC
S. Nery T. Santin S. Nery
C. Shanahan S. Lane C. Shanahan
E. Webb A. Dawson
C. Ujvary J. Deans


Cancelled Events

There were 3 events scheduled for the Saturday that were removed from the regatta in accordance with the Rowing SA Condition and Weather Management Policy.

These events are the U16M1x, U16W2x, and SG Yr 9 4x+.

Due to difficulties finding an appropriate time to complete these events it has been decided these events will not be re-scheduled for the 2019 Season.

Incomplete Events

There were 4 events scheduled for Saturday where Heats were completed, however Finals were cancelled under the Rowing SA Condition and Weather Management Policy.

These events are the SG Yr 10 4x+, the U17W1x, U17M2x, and U17M4x+.

Given that all qualifiers for the SG Yr 10 4x+ Final are also competing in the SG Yr 10 A 4x+ at this Saturdays SPS #3 Regatta, the State Championship for the SG Yr 10 4x+ will be awarded to the highest placed finisher in the SG Yr 10 A 4x+ A FINAL at SPS #3 that was also entered in the State Championships event.

The Finals for the U17M2x, U17M4x+ and U17W1x will be held at the ARC Grade Regatta on the 16th of March. Please see the Indicative Schedule here.

These events will be held under the following conditions:

  • Only the Crews that have qualified for the Final will be invited to compete.
  • Crew changes to qualified crews will not be permitted, unless due to illness or injury in which case a medical certificate must be presented.

It is our belief that these events need to be completed prior to Head of the River/Nationals in order for the events to stand a good chance of attracting the majority of the field that has qualified. Therefore, crews that are unable to attend on March 16th will unfortunately be required to forfeit their lane.

For Schools, where there is an existing agreement that Yr 10 athletes will not compete at the Regatta on March 16th an exception will be made for these events only.

We appreciate that this is by no means an ideal solution but we believe it is the best possible outcome given the competition requirements and the time restraints at play.

The Events, Crews, and Lane Draw for the U17M4x+, U17M2x, and U17W1x is available below. These entries will be added by the Rowing SA Office, please contact the Office if you do not intend on competing.

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8
Port Adelaide Unley High PAC 2 PAC 1 St Peters 1 Norwood St Peters 2
D. Matos C. Donnellan S. Dosanjh O. Chapple A. Karytinos H. Critchley N. Dowling
P. Hermsen L. Ling M. Sargeant J. Rawlinson J. Beale E. Mccappin D. Chebotenko
A. Postema D. Pengally R. Brennan J. Dunn N. Burr S. Crouch K. Robinson
L. Lediaev E. Charters O. Deere O. Smart T. Oldfield J. South F. Fox
D. McGrail X. Schwarzer T. Haden E. Priddle A. Hughes G. Watts D. Whalan
Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8
Torrens Torrens Adelaide Walford 1 Mannum Torrens Torrens
G. Gwiazdzinski C. Romaniuk T. Lokteff C. Thomas E. Deramore-Denver G. Dodson L. Claassen
Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8
Pulteney 2 Port Adelaide 2 Port Adelaide 1 Unley 1 PAC 1 Pulteney 1 Unley 2 Pulteney 3
M. Button P. Hermsen C. Deckers R. Lethbridge O. Smart A. Candy L. Ling D. Hassan
G. Luksich L. Lediaev C. Coneybeare O. Milsom H. Jordan B. Darker C. Donnellan B. Woolley


Kind regards,


Bec Lannan

Rowing South Australia Inc