Course restrictions for weekend Sat 23rd and Sun 24th Feb

Please ring  Brett Ralph or email [email protected]  if unclear on training instructions for Sunday


To All West Lakes Regatta Course Users 

 See below for this weekends events and course restrictions


Event  : 1 

    RowingSA  Regatta     

Part of course affected: 

     Full 2000m ,  all lanes

Time of Event 

    Sat 23rd Feb.

   9:00 am to 3:30 pm (approx)


AM Ramsay Course open for training (all lanes) up until 15m before Regatta start  


All Launching beaches are reserved for competing crews from 8:45am (including northern beach- no training crews allowed)

Finish pontoon reserved for scrutineering and emergency use only, during the regatta


Event  : 2

    Paddle SA Regatta – 200m/500m Sprint

Part of course affected: 

     All Lanes,  1500m – 2000m  

Time of Event 

    Sun 24th Feb

   8:30am to 9:30 am


Affected part of the Course ( 1500m to 2000m) will be closed 15 mins prior to advertised start time. ie from 8:15am

Rowing crews can train between 0m  and 1000m  during this event, BUT must be past 1500m mark before 8:15am

Lane 0 is reserved for Canoe Regatta traffic only from 8:15 till 9:30

Crews returning from training must only use lane 9, and use Northern Beach Only.

Finish Pontoon and main beach reserved for Canoe Regatta



Event  : 3

    Paddle for Prostate

Part of course affected: 

     All Lanes,  1500m – 2000m

Also around the Island

Time of Event 

    Sun 24th Feb

   9.30am to 12 noon


All training crews please use extreme caution and follow instructions from Safety personnel, while competing paddlers are in the water

There will be a very high number of paddlers in the last 500m of the regatta course and around the Island, most of them boating from the Finish Pontoon and surrounding beaches

Please take extreme caution when rowing in these areas and keep  a lookout for all traffic – ROW SLOWING THROUGH THE LAST 500m


I suggest train  in a loop from 0m to 1000m  if you wish to use the course during this Event.

If returning from training loop use Lane 9  and return to Northern beach only

FINISH PONTOON CLOSED to rowers from 8:15 till 12:00noon

MAIN BEACH CLOSED to rowers from 8:15 – 9:30



1500m – 2000m  Lanes 1 to 8,  closed to rowing training ( but can use Lane 0 only to access the top 1000m of the course, and return via Lane 9 only)

When using Lane 0 and Lane 9, row slowly and keep a close lookout for other lake users, there will be a higher number of craft in the last 500m





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Any other enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact Brett Ralph on 0419 230 978 



Brett Ralph

Course Manager 

Rowing South Australia Inc