Riverland Regatta – Notes and information

Please be advised that entries into the 2018 Riverland and 2nd Grade State Championships are open and will close at 8:00am on the 3rd of December.

Please remember to include a crew ranking if you are entering multiple boats into one event. ‘1’ is to be assigned to your most capable crew. This includes ALL school events.

Rower Scores have been updated from the Murray Bridge and Port Adelaide Regattas and will not be updated again prior to the Riverland Regatta. This means that Rower Scores as they stand now will be utilised for the event, and that schools and clubs will not be required to re-shuffle their athletes and crews on the Sunday prior to the close of entries, or between the publication of the Draft and Final Draws.

See the Indicative Schedule for the Regatta below, it includes information on the progression and entry limits of all 2nd Grade State Championships events.

Once again, please ensure you assign a crew ranking to your entries. These will be used to determine who will contest the 2nd Grade Events if there are more than 36 entries into any event.

Crew Changes will not be permitted between Heats and Finals, unless due to illness or injury by negotiation with the Referee.

Due to the number of entries and size of the regatta, races will not be held for crews that are late to the start line. Please keep this in mind when making entries and give your athletes and equipment sufficient time between events.

Please contact the RSA Office if you require further information.