Rowing SA’s new Athlete Commissioner

Rowing SA are delighted to announce its appointment of a new Athlete Commissioner, Matt Hooper. This role is implemented to provide support to athletes and coaches within our State and Pathway programs. Matt’s role will help facilitate any issues or concerns that may arise through the training, preparation and selection processes. A full  job description to summarise the Athletes Commissioner position can be found here.

Matt has been a part of the rowing community for a long time, he rowed at school (PAC), Adelaide Uni and at State Team level. Matt is still actively rowing at ARC and has a daughter at Scotch College who rows; he is currently President of the Scotch College Adelaide Rowing Parent Support Group. With such a strong and involved background, Matt has excellent knowledge of rowing and experience in selection policy processes. He works as a doctor in charge of MedSTAR’s Trauma, Accident and Emergency department and has shown to have great people/relationship skills and management skills. Matt commits to being impartial and a good decision-maker in this role.

Overall, we are grateful that a person of such high calibre is able to take on the role of Athlete Commissioner, and we thank Matt for taking on the voluntary position. We look forward to working closely together through this coming season.