New Childsafe requirements initiative from the government

While schools and clubs enjoyed the gorgeous conditions at West Lakes yesterday morning, Rowing SA had a great opportunity to get some publicity for our sport at the Torrens! The Office for Volunteers CEO, Evelyn O’Loughlin and the Minister for Human Services, Michelle Lensink announced the new Childsafe requirements of minimum DCSI screening. There will be government support to sporting, school and community organisations to have access to the now-streamlined screening process free of charge.

Helene Wipf-Grant of Torrens Rowing Club spoke about how beneficial the support is for the community of rowing and emphasised how cutting costs helps our community clubs. As we are reliant on the help of volunteers, having this process accessible and free of charge allows volunteering to be that much easier!

Overall, this government initiative is promoting safer and more inclusive conditions for young rowers and is welcomed by Rowing SA. This transition will happen through the 2018/19 season. The new processes will be rolled out after November, and free DCSI screenings will be available November 1st. More information to come on specifics in the following month. We thank the help of Torrens Rowing Club and Unley High School for their support to promote rowing. As you can see, the sun did most of the work – on such a beautiful day, who wouldn’t want to jump in a boat?!